Resolving Pervasive.SQL status 3006

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This error occurs when the network connection to the Pervasive server is broken or interrupted. The Pervasive.SQL client maintains connection information to the server, and if the network connection is interrupted or reset for whatever reason, the internal connection state is discarded and a status 3006 is presented to the user.

Restarting Service Accent will cause the Pervasive.SQL client to rebuild its internal connection state, but it is possible for Pervasive.SQL to rebuild the connection state dynamically and avoid the 3006 status by following the instructions below

On each client workstation, perform the following:
  • Click Start, Programs, Pervasive, PSQL and run Control Center & Documentation
  • On the right hand side of the window select Configure MicroKernel Router
  • In the Properties for Microkernel Router select Communication Protocols
  • On the right hand side, you should see an option for Enable Auto Reconnect, click to put a tick in this box
  • Exit the control centre, saving the changes if prompted, then restart the workstation

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