Message 'Database driver conflict detected'

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When you install Service Accent, it will install its own Btrieve database driver automatically. When you install Pervasive (which is a newer and better verson of Btrieve) it detects and removes the previous Btrieve installation.

If you re-install Service Accent, or Pervasive failed to remove the Btrieve installation correctly, you may get the message

Database driver conflict detected

when you start Service Accent.

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to your C:\Windows\System32 for a 32bit operating system or C:\Windows\SysWow64 folder for a 64bit operating system and locate the file WBTRV32.dll. Rename this file as WBTRV32.old. Pervasive installs a later version of this file in the folder C:\PVSW\BIN.

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