How to update Service Accent

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About "How to update Service Accent"
This step-by-step article shows you how to install an update for your copy of Service Accent.

Install an update for Service Accent

  1. Download the update from to your AccentDB\Updates folder (if the Updates folder does not exist, you can create it)

    Once your support provider has given you the password for the update:

  2. If you have written any of your own reports, ensure you have a copy of them before proceeding
  3. Log all users out of Service Accent, if you have Remote Solutions then you will need to close the Remote Gateway
  4. Run the update on a workstation with administrative network rights. If any changes to your database need to be made, you will be notified. It is important that you have taken a backup of your database in AccentDB before you continue. Although the update will make backups as necessary, it is always important you have your own backup
  5. If you are already on version 205 or later then the other workstations will automatically be updated, if not you will need to manually update all remaining workstations. Your database will not need to be updated again.
  6. Save any reports that your service provider has sent you separately to the update in your AccentDB\Reports folder
  7. Verify and save any reports that you have written yourself
The update has finished.

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