Can not link to the WORK table using Pervasive.SQL ODBC

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Trying to link to the WORK table using the Pervasive.SQL ODBC interface in Pervasive.SQL 2000i results in an error. Linking to other tables works correctly and data can be viewed

Investigation by Pervasive has revealed that the table name WORK is a reserved word in the Pervasive.SQL ODBC driver and causes it to fail.

If possibile, enclose the table name WORK in double quotes, for example:

Some applications, such as Microsoft Access do this automatically and are able to retrieve the data in this table correctly. However, some applications like Crystal Report do not enclose the table name in quotes, causing the Pervasive.SQL ODBC driver to fail.

There is no workaround available if you are unable to specify the format of the connection string manually.

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