Using SMTP to send outgoing email

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About "Using SMTP to send outgoing email"
This article will demonstrate out to use SMTP to send outgoing email from Service Accent. Email can be sent using a non-MAPI email client, a MAPI client such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express or Lotus Notes, or Microsoft Outlook directly.

If none of these are available, you can opt to use an SMTP server and let Service Accent send the email directly. Notice that although you can use a Microsoft Exchange Server as an outgoing SMTP server, the configuration of Exchange Server may prevent the relaying of email to receipients outside of your network.

Configuring Service Accent to use SMTP email
Click on Admin, Settings, System settings and select the Misc option. Underneath email, select Use SMTP server to send email. Enter your SMTP server name in the SMTP server box.

You must specify a URL or IP address capable of relaying your email. This might be your ISP's SMTP server, For example:

Using the Service Accent email dialog
Because you are bypassing your normal email client (if any), Service Accent will display its own email dialog. You can enter and modify the from and to address, the subject and the message body. Click Send when you want to send the message.

You can enter multiple recipients by separating their addresses with semi-colons. For example:; "Mike" <>

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