Sending emails automatically causes a security warning to pop up in Microsoft Outlook

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When Service Accent sends an email automatically (i.e., without presenting a dialog to the user first), Microsoft Outlook displays a security warning. The user must allow the application to send the email manually.

Microsoft Outlook exposes methods whereby external applications can use Outlook to send email. Starting with the infamous security patch for Outlook 2000, and in all subsequent versions of Outlook, Outlook will display a security warning when such an application tries to send email without the user's intervention.

The classic solution is to deploy a small application called "Click Yes" will which monitor the user's desktop for Outlook security warnings and automatically click the Yes button to allow the email to be sent.

However, this will not prevent the security warning from being displayed and disrupting the user, not is it a very elegant solution.

Service Accent is now incorporating a new option to send email via a protocol called Extended MAPI. This is a very low level method of integrating with Outlook and Outlook will not display security warnings when using this method. This method can not be used in VBA and VBScript and so poses no security risk to the user via email attachments and macros.

If you are experiencing the issues raised at the start of this article, contact your support provider to discuss implementing this solution.

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