Running Pervasive.SQL V8 Server Edition on a Windows XP Professional platform

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About "Running Pervasive.SQL V8 Server Edition on a Windows XP Professional platform"
Pervasive.SQL V8 Server Edition is designed to run on a Microsoft Server platform; however, Windows XP Pro, 2000 Pro, 2000 Server, NT 4 Workstation and NT 4 Server all share a similar codebase and in theory, most applications should broadly work across these platforms.

We have tested Pervasive.SQL 8.5 Server Edition on a PC running Windows XP Pro and have found it to work satisfactorily. We would recommend a dedicated server platform to meet your networking needs, but running Pervasive.SQL 8.5 Server Edition under Windows XP Pro is a viable option.

We have not tested any other version of Pervasive.SQL Server Edition, nor have we tested Pervasive.SQL 8.5 Server Edition on any other non-server platform.

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