Can not apply Service Accent updates under Windows Vista if using a mapped drive letter

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When you try and run a Service Accent update under Windows Vista, the update fails with the following error message:

Setup could not locate your Service Accent database

Please run "dbrouter.exe" from your AccentDB folder then run this update again

Prior to Service Accent 4.8.200, the Service Accent updates were deployed by a file called setup.exe. The security model in Windows Vista restricts certain functionality to any application called setup.exe, install.exe, update.exe and others. This restricted functionality extends to blocking requests to shared drive letters across the network, thereby crippling the Service Accent update installer.

From Service Accent 4.8.200 onwards, the setup installer has been renamed as updinst.exe which evades Windows Vista's Orwellian security model. Updates prior to this version may not run under Windows Vista.

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