How to set up Service Accent on a PC when it is already installed under another user

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When you install Service Accent on a PC, some settings are stored against the currently logged-in user. Therefore, if you log on to the PC as a different user, Service Accent may not function correctly as the necessary settings will not be present.

This article explains how to configure Service Accent on a PC when it is already installed and configured for a different user.

Perform the following steps on a different PC that already has Service Accent running:

  1. Click Help | About Service Accent
  2. Click Details and note the value of Database (e.g., f:\accentdb)
  3. Open Windows Explorer, click Tools and Map Network Drive.
  4. From the drop down list, select the drive letter you noted from Details above (e.g., if your database is in F:\AccentDB, select F:)
  5. Make a note of the share that the drive letter is mapped to (see following screenshot)

    In this example, the F: drive is mapped to the \\Univac\Public folder

On the PC that you are trying to run Service Accent on:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and locate the C:\Program Files\Service Accent folder
  2. Locate the file Accent.exe, right click the icon and select Copy
  3. Minimise all windows and right click anywhere on your desktop, then select Paste shortcut
  4. In Windows Explorer, click Tools, Map Network Drive
  5. Select a free drive letter and in the Folder value, either type in the network location of your AccentDB folder (as noted above) or click Browse to locate it on your network

    Selecting a free drive letter

  6. Ensure that Reconnect at logon is ticked and click Finish
  7. In Windows Explorer, select your new drive letter, and if necessary open the AccentDB folder
  8. Locate the application DBRouter, double-click it and follow the prompts to set your AccentDB folder
  9. Double-click the Service Accent shortcut on your desktop that you created earlier to run Service Accent

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