How to register Wireless on Android

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To run SA Wireless you will need an Android smartphone running Android v2.3 (Gingerbread), Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), or Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) with a recommended minimum screen resolution of 480x800.

Title: What devices are supported for SA Wireless Android
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The Wireless app is available for download from Google Play

Once the application is installed and run for the first time an activation screen will appear asking for an activation code.
Before contacting VCi for this activation code you must first register the device ID in the Service Accent for the Engineer

Register with Service Accent

  1. Start Service Accent
  2. Open the engineer record and open the "More 1" tab
  3. Set the Wireless ID field to be "nomad:AV-XXXXXXXX" where "AV-XXXXXXXX" is the device id. e.g.

  4. Set the Code field to be a PIN code for the engineer e.g.

  5. If you are running Wireless on Windows Mobile 6 and Android then you must also set the Pager value to be "Windows"
    note: to get the full functionality of the application, it is recommended that the following settings in Service Accent are enabled from Admin > Configure modules > Remote Solutions > Setup:

    • Engineer can select alternative stores
    • Store parts locally on device

Registering the device with the VCi Wireless Hub

  1. Contact VCi Support as per the telephone number on the activation screen (01462 791120) and request Wireless for Android activation
  2. You will be asked for

    • the Company name
    • the engineers name
    • the Device ID (AV-XXXXXXXX)

  3. VCi will provide you with an activation code that must be entered into activation screen on the device.
    An initialising message will appear on screen while the application communicates with the server.
  4. After initialisation is complete the login screen will appear
  5. The first time you login a parts synchronisation must be performed by pressing Android Menu > Parts

You are now ready to use SA Wireless

The user guide can be download from

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To use Wireless you will need to subscribe to a Wireless licensing agreement with VCi.
Please visit the service accent website for more information

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